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March Investment Report 2024

Biggest Seed, Series A-E and Venture Investments within Oncology March 2024.

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March 2024 Snapshot:

174 Companies across EU and US were involved in some sort of cash movements (all indications, all cash types). From this $ 2,663,715,585 total true investment received in USA and EU within the Oncology sector in March 2024 across 40 different biotechs.

Some Notable True Oncology Investments

✅Clasp Therapeutics - $150,000,000 (Series A): Pioneer precision immuno-oncology using next-generation T Cell engagers

✅Edgewood Oncology - $ 20,000,000 (Series A): Advancement of lead program in patients with hematologic malignancies and genetically-defined solid tumors 

✅FogPharma - $ 145,000,000 (Series E): ongoing clinical development of the company’s first-in-class intracellular TCF-blocking β-catenin inhibitor in Phase ½ trial in solid tumors

✅Rakuten Medical - $ 119,000,000 (Series E): Further develop its proprietary platform, approval of 1x candidate, and support of its multiple programs

✅Capstan Therapeutics - $ 175,000,000 (Series B): advance its lead program in vivo chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR-T) candidate, early clinical proof-of-concept in autoimmune disorders, and further develop tLNP pipeline

✅ Plus 30+ companies in the report.

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